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Independent Studies

Independent Study, Research, and Internship courses involve independent student work as the primary mode of instruction augmented by required interactions with a faculty member acting as an advisor or monitor of the student’s work. The supervising faculty member, and the student, will document the course topic, learning outcomes, scope of work, number of hours expected for student work, number of credits to be awarded, number and nature of student/faculty contacts during the term and the criteria for evaluating the results of the independent work using the college specific Independent Study, Research, and Internship Contract Form.

An Independent study course deals with a special interest not covered in a regular course or with exploration in greater depth of a subject introduced in a regular course. Discussion is in individual conferences.

It is recommended that students first meet with the Academic Advisor in their respective college to discuss, in detail, the process of an Independent Study course. Once the student has completed the necessary steps and obtained all approvals and signatures, they will then turn in all approved original paperwork into Cougar Central for processing. You can verify enrollment in your Student Center in MyCSUSM.

Standard processing time takes 1–3 business days once paperwork has been turned into the Registrar’s office in Cougar Central.

For more details about Independent Study courses, please contact the respective advising offices for information:

College of Business Administration
CoBA Advising Office - Markstein Hall, Ste 126

College of Education, Health and Human Services
CoE Student Services Office – University Hall

Suite 221 (Graduate & Credential)

Suite 222 (Undergraduate)

College of Humanities, Arts, and Behavioral and Social Sciences Undergraduate Advising Services - adm 1300

College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Undergraduate Advising Services - adm 1300

Extended Learning

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