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Waitlist FAQ

The waitlist allows students to wait for a course and be enrolled automatically if an open seat is available. By selecting wait list if class is full during enrollment, the student will be added to the waitlist for the course. For detailed instructions on waitlisting a course, please visit the Office of Academic Advising site.

  • Before classes begin

    Students are automatically enrolled from the waitlist early each morning. Eligible students are automatically enrolled from the waitlist early each morning into open seats.

    An email is sent to the student’s CSUSM email account notifying them of enrollment in the class from the waitlist.

  • First week of classes

    Students are not enrolled from the waitlist once classes begin.

    All students, including those on the waitlist, will need a permission number to enroll in a CLOSED class. See our Add/Drop page for info on how to request a permission number.

  • Obstacles to automatic enrollment

    Students not eligible to enroll will remain on the waitlist in the same position, and will not be enrolled into the class. Here is a list of errors that might keep you from getting enrolled.

    Error Message

    What does it mean?

    What do I do?

    Reserved seats: the only open seats in this class are reserved for students meeting specific requirements or criteria (see class notes for details). You do not meet the requirements to enroll in a reserved seat.

    You cannot be enrolled in the class unless/until the reserved seats are opened up to all students.

    Review the Class Notes for date the seats will be available to all students. After this date, you may be enrolled from the waitlist (if a seat opens up).

    Pre-requisites: the pre-requisite(s) for the course are not met. Please see the catalog for the course description.

    There is one or more requirement that you have not met in order to enroll (e.g., you must complete PSYC 220 and PSYC 230 to enroll in upper division PSYC classes) Your record must show that you have met or have in progress the requirements in order to be enrolled.

    If you believe you have completed the requirements (or they are in progress), please contact for assistance. 

    Maximum unit limit: you are currently enrolled in the maximum limit of units for the semester, and cannot be enrolled in additional units. This limit is typically raised prior to the start of classes (please see the Enrollment Calendar for the specific date).

    You will not be enrolled as long as enrollment in this class plus your currently enrolled classes will be greater than the maximum unit limit.

    You may drop a class or wait for the unit limit to be increased in order to be enrolled.

    Multiple enrollments: you are currently enrolled in a different section of this course in the same semester (it is not permitted to be enrolled in the same class twice in the same semester).

    You will not be enrolled from the waitlist as long as you are enrolled in another section of the same class.

    You may drop the other section of the class, and if a seat opens, your spot on the waitlist will remain intact and you may be enrolled.

    Time conflict: you are enrolled in a class that meets at the same time as this class, and cannot be enrolled.

    You will not be enrolled if another class meets at this same time (or a part of the time).

    You may drop the other class that conflicts, and if a seat opens, your spot on the waitlist will remain intact and you may be enrolled.


Best Practices for Students

  •  Register for open course sections before waiting for any course sections. The Wait List does not guarantee enrollment in a course section.
  • Since the waitlist is automated, students and faculty must actively monitor and manage their wait lists and class schedule in MyCSUSM until classes begin. A student's position on a course section's wait list may change at any time depending on other students who are added or removed or faculty adding seats.
  • Review My Class Schedule in MyCSUSM and remove wait list classes that are no longer wanted to avoid being automatically enrolled. If a student fails to remove unwanted course sections from the Wait List, the student risks being automatically enrolled, which could result in enrollment in a class that the student does not want or need.
  • Avoid wait listing classes that contain a time conflict with enrolled classes.

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