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Students can view official grades on MyCSUSM at least two weeks prior to the start of the next term. Students should contact faculty for any questions regarding grades reported.  Refer to the Catalog on definitions of grades.

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Grade Changes Policy

The University recognizes the prerogative of the faculty to set standards of performance and to apply them to individual students.  The University will seek to correct injustices to students, but at the same time, believes that the instructor’s judgment at the time that the original grade is assigned is better than a later reconsideration of an individual case.  Equity to all students is of fundamental concern. The following policies apply to changes of grades except for changes of Incomplete Charged and Withdrawal Unauthorized symbols. 
In general, all course grades are final when filed by the instructor in the end-of-term course grade report.  Students may view their grades in the Student Center (MyCSUSM).  
A change of grade may occur only in cases of clerical error or where the instructor reevaluates the original course assignments of a student and discovers an error in the original evaluation. A clerical error is an error made by the instructor or an assistant in calculating or recording the grade.  A change of grade shall not occur as a consequence of the acceptance of additional work or reexamination beyond the specified course requirements.
A request for a change of grade initiated by the student affected shall be directed to the instructor within sixty (60) calendar days of the first day of classes of the regular semester following the award of the grade. If the instructor determines that there is a valid basis for the change, a change of grade form (online or paper) shall be submitted to  the Office of the Registrar.  Forms are not to be handled by the student.  If the instructor determines that there is not a valid basis for the change, and denies the student’s request, the instructor’s decision is final.  The student may file a petition with the Associate Dean of Students on the basis of capricious or prejudicial treatment by the instructor.
If a student’s request for a change of grade is initiated after sixty (60) calendar days into the following semester, it will be considered only in extraordinary circumstances.  An explanation of such circumstances must accompany the request and must be approved separately by the instructor and College Dean before acceptance by the Office of the Registrar.