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Grade Submission

This is your center for information on grade submission! If you have unanswered questions related to how to submit your grades, please let us know at

If you have questions about the changes to academic policies for the Spring 2020 semester, please review the Faculty/Staff page on this topic.

Summer 2020 Timeline & Reminders

August 3: Grade rosters available for faculty

  • To avoid delays/issues with grade processing, please be sure to check that you have access to your grade roster(s) in PeopleSoft prior to August 13 

August 13: Grades are due, as published in the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar

  • Grade Rosters set to an Approved status by Faculty will be posted to students’ academic history beginning August 14 and thereafter on a daily basis. Once posted, students will see the grade in MyCSUSM. 

August 17: Grade processing begins at 8:00am and missing grades will be converted to RD (report delayed)

  • Grade changes will be required in order to submit grades after this time (please note that grade changes are now online)
  • From August 17 to August 21, online grade changes will be deactivated. They will be reactivated August 22 once grades are official.

August 21: Grades are official (i.e. grades posted, cumulative GPA updated, etc.). 


  • Incomplete Grade agreements are now available to complete online.
  • For additional information on recent policy updates such a CR/NC please refer to the Faculty/Staff information page on this subject.

Types of Grades

Letter grades: A – F

You will find these grades available for most students in your classes. 

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

Some courses are offered only with a grading basis of CR/NC, while in others, students request it through the Office of the Registrar. If these are the grades available to you, here is how they are defined on our campus:

For undergraduate courses under this grading basis, a credit (CR) is awarded for grades equivalent to C or better. No credit (NC) is awarded for grades equivalent to C- or less.

For graduate courses under this grading basis, a credit (CR) is awarded for grades equivalent to B- or better. No credit (NC) is awarded for grades equivalent to C+ or less.

Grades of CR and NC are not included in the calculation of grade point averages. You can find more information about CR/NC grades for the Spring/Summer 2020 semesters.

WU (Unauthorized Withdrawal)

This grade is intended to reflect an unauthorized (or unofficial) withdrawal from a course. This means the student stopped attending without submitting an official withdrawal petition. It is equivalent to an F in the GPA calculation.

This grade should be assigned if the student stopped attending before the end of week 9 or the first 60% of the course.

For the Spring 2020 semester, it is requested that this grade only be assigned if a student stopped attending prior to census (February 17, 2020).

Incomplete (I)

This grade is assigned temporarily to reflect an agreement between the instructor and student to complete remaining coursework after the end of the semester. Once you have received and graded remaining work, please submit a grade change. All I grades that have not been changed after one year will automatically be changed to Incomplete Charged (IC) which is equivalent to an F in the GPA calculation.

Instructions for creating the Incomplete Grade Agreement with a student

Report in Progress (RP)

This grade is available in courses where assigned work frequently extends beyond a single academic term (e.g. thesis, project, etc.). The RP grade should be replaced with the appropriate final grade within one year of its assignment (except for Master’s thesis enrollment, which should be replaced within 5 years). 

How to Submit Grades

1. Click on the Grade Roster icon in My Schedule in the Faculty Center
Submit grades

2. Enter a Roster Grade for each student
Roster grade

3. Once complete, change the Approval Status to Approved
approved screenshot

Note: as long as the Grade Roster status is not Posted, you may make changes to entered grades; simply change the Approval Status to Not Reviewed and Save.