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Latin Honors

Latin honors are awarded to undergraduate students earning their first baccalaureate degree, and are noted on the diploma and transcript. The following grade-point average (GPA) criteria are used:

Cum Laude – at least 3.5, but less than 3.7

Magna Cum Laude – at least 3.7, but less than 3.9

Summa Cum Laude – at least 3.9

The GPA used to determine graduation with honors is the lower of the institutional (i.e., CSUSM) GPA and the Overall GPA (which includes baccalaureate-level transfer courses) when the degree is awarded. Second baccalaureate degree candidates are not eligible for Honors at Graduation. Students earning a second baccalaureate degree are not eligible for Latin Honors.

Recognition at Commencement

Your achievements are also celebrated at commencement! In order for your name and Latin Honors to appear in the commencement program, you must apply to graduate by the deadline. Please see the Apply to Graduate page for more information.

Fall graduates: Your final GPA will be determined before the commencement program is printed and will be identified in the program.

Spring and Summer graduates: Your final GPA will be determined after commencement; therefore, honors will be based on coursework completed in the fall. Your final GPA (and associated Latin Honors) is determined when your degree is awarded.