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Administrative Drop

What is it?

Administrative Drop is a procedure that offers instructors the option of making enrollment in a course contingent upon the following:

  • the student's attendance at specified class meetings, and/or
  • proof of having satisfied the enrollment requirements

Instructors are not required to drop students for non-attendance or lack of enrollment requirements; however, important benefits include:

  • opens up seats for other students
  • ensures that students are not awarded financial aid that must later be returned upon discovery that the student did not attend

Request Process

Requests are only accepted during the add/drop period from faculty. After the add/drop period, students will need to Withdraw from the class. For more information on how to do a withdrawal, visit the Course Withdrawal page.

To request an administrative drop, please send an email to from your email address, with the following information:

Subject Line: Administrative Course Drop Subject/Catalog Number (example: Administrative Course Drop GEL 101)


  • Subject/catalog number
  • Class number
  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Reason for the course drop (Attendance or Enrollment Requirement)
    • Example:
GEL 101
Robert Cougar


Note: Administrative Course Drop requests received by 5:00pm will be processed by 12:00pm the next day during the add/drop period.