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Administrative Drop

What is it?

Administrative Drop is a policy that permits instructors drop a student from a class if they have not met certain conditions, including:

    • the student's attendance at specified class meetings, and/or
    • proof of having satisfied the enrollment requirements 

Why is it important?

    • opens up seats for other students
    • ensures that students are not awarded financial aid that must later be returned upon discovery that the student did not attend (this not only positively impacts the student, but may also save the university money).

Request Process

Requests are only accepted during the add/drop period from faculty (Aug. 28 - Sep. 11). After the add/drop period, students must withdraw from the class. For more information on how students withdraw (or request a withdrawal), visit the Course Withdrawal page.

Please note Administrative Course Drop requests received by 5:00pm will be processed by 12:00pm the next day during the add/drop period.

To request an administrative drop

For Summer 2023 classes, please send an email to to request an administrative drop. The steps below apply only to Fall and Spring classes.