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Student Resources

Below are links to information about various campus processes and procedures, as well as tools available to help you navigate your educational path.

Academic Requirements Report (ARR) Your detailed report of your degree path, including all requirements for graduation

Academic Standing An explanation of Academic Standing and where to get help when you need it.

 Course Repeats & GPA Adjustments Find information here about the policy that allows students grade forgiveness (i.e. removal of an unsuccessful grade from the GPA calculation)

Degree Planner What is the Degree Planner and how is it different from the Academic Requirements Report (ARR)?
FERPA Release Do you need to give access to parents or another third party to view your student record? Find out how to do this here.

Grade Appeal Find answers to questions about the process for appealing a grade

 Holds See a 'Hold' in MyCSUSM? Find out about the most common holds on this page and how to remove them.

Leave of Absence Considering attending another institution or facing health concerns that might prevent you from enrolling? Find out about the process here.
MyCSUSM Everything Student Center! A quick guide for navigating MyCSUSM.
Withdrawal If you are considering withdrawing from one course or all courses, review this page first! You'll find important information to consider before withdrawing.