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Academic Standing

What is Academic Standing?

All CSUSM students in undergraduate degree programs are assigned an academic standing at the end of each semester. They include: good, academic probation, and academic disqualification. Standing is assigned based on the student's cumulative GPAs (resident GPA and overall GPA, including transfer credit), as well as the total number of units earned.

*Please see the Graduate Studies and Research page for more information on Academic Standing for Graduate students.

  • Good

    Both the cumulative CSUSM GPA and cumulative overall GPA (including transfer credit) are 2.0 or above.
  • Academic Probation

    The cumulative CSUSM GPA or the cumulative overall GPA (including transfer credit) are below 2.0. 
  • Academic Disqualification

    Prior academic standing was Academic Probation and the cumulative CSUSM GPA or cumulative overall GPA (including transfer credit) is below the following thresholds, by units earned:

    1.50 GPA for 0-29 units 

    1.70 GPA for 30-59 units 

    1.85 GPA for 60-89 units 

    1.95 GPA for 90 or more units 

Where do I go for help?

We are committed to your success and ensuring you get all the support you need to return to or remain on good academic standing. Below are links to resources available to students.

First & Second Year Students: Academic Success Recovery Courses UNIV 180-1 and UNIV 180-2

New Transfer Students: Academic Success Recovery Course UNIV 302-3

Continuing Juniors and Seniors: Personalized Academic Success Services