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Academic Recovery Faculty Advising

Faculty advising for academic recovery uses a developmental advising-teaching approach to student success. It is our belief that students should own their educational journey and our role is to guide you with growth-oriented approaches to learning, mutual respect, and shared problem solving. There are four main goals of this learning and teaching approach:

      1. Aligns what CSUSM expects with student’s academic and personal goals.
      2. Helps students increase the capacity and efficacy to take charge of their educational career.
      3. Mentor through collaborative planning that motivates students to strategize with quality effort.
      4. Help students reflect about the relationship between academic work and their personal lives.

You will be assigned to your faculty advisor by your academic level. This semester, the Academic Recovery Team is:

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

Our team is made up of First-Year & University Programs faculty. We are here to:

      • Listen carefully to your questions and concerns while providing a safe and inclusive space for you.
      • Guide your exploration of curriculum, graduation requirements, academic policies to assist in timely degree progress.
      • Teach learning or academic strategies for success.
      • Encourage, guide, and support you in the development of realistic goals and motivate you to take responsibility for your own academic career.
      • Provide information and strategies for utilizing university resources and services.
      • Be accessible during set advising hours for support in our collaborative sessions.

Student Responsibilities

Take ownership of your education by attending class, meeting with your academic recovery advisor, visiting office hours, and familiarizing yourself with your degree requirements.

      • Meet 2+ times with your assigned support person.
      • Review academic progress and use institutional resources.
      • Ask for help when you need it!
      • Reflect on your current educational or career goals.
      • Be accountable for your decisions and take responsibility in your learning.

Student Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this semester, you will be able to understand:

      1. What you need to achieve academically to earn a 2.0+ this semester and return to Good Standing.
      2. How to be a self-advocate.
      3. How to establish communication with an instructor.
      4. How to access campus resources available to you.
      5. How to revise your goals based on unpredicted outcomes.
      6. That you have a person at CSUSM to ask questions and confide in.


Academic Recovery Meetings

If you are on academic notice for Spring 2024, you are required to meet twice with your assigned academic recovery advisor. You are more than welcome to meet more than twice, but (2) times are required at a minimum. It is advised to meet once in the first half of the semester followed by a second meeting in the second half of the semester.

  • Meeting 1: February 12th- March 25th (Weeks 4-10)
  • Meeting 2: April 1st – May 13th (Weeks 11-Finals)

While your assigned faculty advisor will contact you, it is your responsibility to make an appointment and follow through on it. If you do not meet this requirement, you will have an enrollment hold placed on your account.

Meetings can be conducted in person or virtually, though in-person is encouraged when possible. Your assigned faculty advisor will host drop-in hours and set appointment times to meet with you.

      • The first meeting will focus on identifying challenges, concerns and developing a plan for success together.
      • The second meeting will be a check in regarding academic and personal progress, providing resource referrals as needed.
      • Additional meetings are great accountability behaviors!

We are here to support you and will be there whether you stumble or fall, soar or climb ~ it’s all progress towards the next big thing.

If you are unsure of who your recovery faculty advisor is please email Dr. Ashley Gragido at