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First-Year & University Programs Faculty

Our FYUP instructional team represents an outstanding array of professionals from a variety of units across campus.  The collective expertise represents an active partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs that focuses on student success.

Director of First-Year & University Programs, Marnie Eldridge
Office: Extended Learning Building 565

GEL Faculty:  Academic Year 2023/2024

GEL 101 is an academic success course for first-year students.

GEL 101 Faculty List
Fall Lecture Spring Lecture Last Name First Name Email
Yes - Arellano Alejandro
Yes - Bennett Geri
Yes - Brown III Fernando
Yes   Diaz Alexa
Yes Yes Eldridge Marnie
Yes - Euler Shelby
- - Fogle Ash
Yes   Franco Eduardo
Yes - Franklin Jay
Yes Yes Galea'i Joshua
Yes   Garcia James
Yes - Gragido Ashley
Yes - Green Jeff
Yes - Gutierrez-Aguero Mireya
Yes - Hardin Kayla
Yes Yes Haro Silverio
Yes Yes Harrison Dominique
Yes - Huerta Monica
Yes - Judkins Brooke
Yes - Junco-Williams Nubia
Yes - Lewis Michael
Yes - Lewis Justin
Yes   Maggio Kaela
Yes - Manley Yaz
Yes Melena Leo
Yes Yes Mellor Jessie
Yes Yes Miller Ileen
Yes - Moen Christiana
Yes   Monge Ozzie
Yes - Morales Jeffrey
Yes - Nathanson David
Yes Neuhart Russ
Yes Yes Nolan-Aranez Shannon
Yes - Ontiveros Joni
Yes - Ordonez Sujeith
Yes - Rodriquez Bianca
Yes Romo Paula
Yes - Schmelzer Laurie
Yes Yes Snedden Todd
Yes - Taylor Barbara
Yes - Tomanek Amanda
- - Vazquez Erika
Yes - Williams Stephanie
Yes - Xu Frankie
Yes Yee Michael


UNIV Faculty:  Academic Year 2023/2024

UNIV courses are academic recovery & resiliency courses for first-year, second-year, and transfer students.

UNIV Faculty List
Fall Lecture Spring Lecture Last Name First Name Email
- Yes Arellano Alejandro
- Yes Euler Shelby
- - Fogle Ash
Yes Yes Garcia James
Yes Yes Gragido Ashley
- - Harrison Dominique 
- Yes Hardin Kayla khardin@csusm.ed
Yes Yes Mata Brenda
- Yes Melena Leo
Yes Yes Mellor Jessie 
Yes Yes Nolan-Aranez Shannon
Yes Yes Williams Stephanie


FYUP Faculty New 3 Yr Contracts Academic Year - 2023/2024

Each Spring, FYUP announces faculty who are eligible for their first 3-Year Contract below.