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UNIV 300C: Thriving in College & Purposeful Mentorship

UNIV 300C: Thriving in College & Purposeful Mentorship


An academic recovery and support course for students who have been reinstated to the university after time away. 

The Course Mission 

The purpose of this course is to generate meaningful, deep reflection of self so that students may tap into these skills for personal and academic success.  Failure and struggle are necessary for growth and learning and is common in the journey of college exploration. 

What Students Do in UNIV 300B

Students enrolled in UNIV 300C will come together to build self-confidence, strengthen decision-making skills, learn the art of self-compassion, and creating a holistically stronger self to tackle the challenges college and life has in store for you.

Students will be exposed to:

  • Relevant Academic Policies and Process related to Academic Success
  • Tools for success such as Time Management & Priority Setting
  • Understanding self through deep reflection, self-compassion techniques, and identity exploration
  • Exploring and building connections to major and career
  • Building leadership and confidence through active mentorship
  • Campus resources and navigational tips

Who Should Take UNIV 300C?

This course is currently for students who struggled academically at CSUSM in the past. The course is a 3-unit, graded, and engaging experience that will holistically address student need and guide students in developing a plan to recover academically but also with a clear path and strategy for success moving forward. 

What students said...

"I have learned that I am more than capable and motivated to stay in school and do great. One thing that I was worried about was that I wouldn't do as well as I thought, but I have exceeded my expectations and am very proud of myself."

"I’ve learned that I deserve to be here. I’ve learned that things take time and that’s okay. I’ve learned to ask questions and seek help."

"This class exceeded my expectations. I was so embarrassed over the fact that I had to be enrolled in this class due to getting academically disqualified. Going into the first day of this class I had a horrible mindset about it. However, this quickly became my favorite class and I genuinely look forwarded to it every week. I have never had a college course thus far that I have actually looked forward to going to, and it is a great feeling."

"This class saved me and my college experience".

If you have any questions about UNIV 300C contact Dr. Ashley Gragido at