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Academic Reinstatement Checklist

Academic Reinstatement Checklist

If you were academically disqualified after the Spring 2024 semester, this checklist will prepare you to petition for reinstatement and return to CSUSM after your semester off.

1. Enroll in one or two classes at your local community college for Summer and Fall 2024.

Summer and fall classes are a great way to make progress towards your academic goals. Do not over-enroll, slow and steady wins the race. No one is expecting you to enroll in 15 units and earn a 4.0 right away. Take time to prove to yourself you can be successful. You are the only one who can determine how many units is best for you.

2. If you struggled with serious challenges during this past semester,  connect with Cougar Care Network on available options for support.

Some students experience extreme challenges outside of the normal transition to college. These challenges can look like housing or food insecurity, severe mental health challenges, grief, violence, or in need of academic accommodations from Disability Support Services etc. Cougar Care Network can help.

Cougar Care Network is filled with wonderful staff members designed to support students through these challenges and can inform you on academic and/or personal support available to you. One potential option for students is applying for a retroactive withdrawal from their previous semester courses in case of serious challenges. Cougar Care Network can offer advice if this policy may apply to you.

3. Stay connected to campus. 

Just because you have been disqualified doesn't mean you have to stay away from camps. Meet with an academic advisor, PASS counselor, or special program counselor (if you have one). Check in to make sure you are on track to meet your goal of returning and applying for reinstatement. 

If you are living locally, consider meeting with friends on campus or studying in the library. Remind yourself that you are welcome and we want you to return, when you are ready. 

4. Seek medical or mental health support if needed. 

Many students struggle with mental health or other medical challenges. If you are in need of support connect with Student Health & Counseling Services or Cougar Care Network who can offer information about community health resources during your time away. 

5. Peitition for reinstatement by October 31st.

Your "home" college reviews resinstatement petitions. The quality of your personal reflection and any support you sought during your semester off are the best determinants of being approved. This reflection is important to determine the why, what now, and your future plans. Ultimately, reflecting on your experience and planning for future obstacles (which will happen) is one of the best planning tools for your long-term success.

* If you miss the deadline to petition for reinstatement, you might be at risk of delaying your return and may need to apply for re-admittance to the university as a consequence. 

Reinstatement petitions include:

  • transcripts and/or progress reports from community college coursework
  • a written statement which focuses on the past (what happened), present (where you are now, what support have you sought), and future (what will you tap into so that you may overcome these obstacles in the future).
  • supporting documentation (letter of support, medical and/or doctor's note, evidence that relates to the situation, or anything else pertinent to the decision).

Note: Reinstatement petitions are submitted through the Office of Academic Advising Website. Reinstatement petition information can be used for similar petition processes on campus such as retroactive withdrawals and SAP appeals. Please contact Monica Huerta at for questions about withdrawals or the Office of Financial Aid regarding SAP appeals.