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UNIV Academic Recovery Courses

The ARC’s Mission

The ARC cultivates student growth by providing support and challenge, connecting to culturally meaningful ways of understanding themselves and others. Students are directed to sources of wellness related to their internal well-being, intellectually and personally. Students develop stronger agency in which to navigate higher education and increase their capacity to become lifelong learners.

The ARC's Program Goals

Academic and personal resiliency in college is a longitudinal process which is built upon a range of social, environmental, cultural, and psychological factors that inform student experience within multiple frames and contexts.

The ARC’s goal is for students to:

  • Learn strategic academic skills (time management, prioritizing, cognitive learning skills, communication skills)
  • Cultivate personal growth and connections to self, culture, and community through deep, introspective reflection
  • Build navigational capital (access to support, resources, and build self-advocacy skills)
  • Create a sense of belonging between peers within the classroom

ARC Courses

If you have any questions about the academic recovery program please feel free to contact the department of First-Year & University Programs at or Dr. Ashley Gragido at .