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UNIV 200A: Thriving in the Second Year

An academic recovery course for second and third year students who experienced academic difficulty during their first year or more.

The Course Mission 

The purpose of this course is for students to look critically at their natural talents and strengths, discover and reflect on challenges and opportunities so students may tap into these skills to experience future academic success.

What do Students do in UNIV 200A?

Students enrolled in UNIV 200A will meet weekly throughout the semester for 50 minutes a week. During this time students will come together with their instructor to exploreapply, and build confidence in recovering academically and push forward to their next semester. These weekly meetings will be supportive and intentionally designed to provide a safe space for students to discuss and build connections with their peers and instructor.

Students will work on:

  • Academic Policies
  • Tools for Success
  • Understanding Self
  • Campus Resources

Who Should Take UNIV 200A?

This course is currently for students who struggled academically after their first year and are considered second or third year students. The course is a 1-unit, graded, and engaging experience that will holistically address student need and guide students in developing a plan to remove themselves off academic notice within the next two semesters.

If you have any questions about UNIV 200A contact Dr. Ashley Gragido at