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Academic Notice Checklist

Spring 2024 Checklist

If you find yourself on academic notice (or at risk of academic notice) after the Fall 2023 semester, here is a list of things to do prior to Spring 2024. 

1. Consider re-taking a class you didn't pass in Fall 2023 in Spring 2024.

CSUSM has a grade forgiveness policy. This means, if you re-take the course you did not pass at CSUSM, the new grade will replace the old one. You are entitled to up to (16) units of grade forgiveness.

For more on this policy, please visit the Office of Registrar's Page

2. If you are not already pre-enrolled into a UNIV support course, consider adding one for Spring 2024.

We have several Academic Recovery courses designed to support students on academic notice. These courses focus on peer and instructor support, academic advising, access to resources, and opportunities for reflection and personal development.

Please contact Dr. Ashley Gragido at if you are interested in enrolling in a section of UNIV. 

3. Consider taking a summer class in Summer 2024 to help boost your GPA and your Pace Rate.

Summer classes are a great way to make progress towards your academic goals! You can take a course at CSUSM* or your local community college.

Only re-take unpassed courses at CSUSM so you may benefit from grade forgiveness.

You can take a different general education or major requirement instead! If you are considering a course at a community college, use Assist to verify transferable courses.

Additionally, if you are a financial aid student by not earning a 2.0 GPA or by not completing 67% of your attempted courses you are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress which puts you at risk for losing your financial aid. Taking summer classes can help you stay on track for your financial aid requirements. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid's website for more information on Satisfactory Academic Progress

*If you were on academic notice (academic probation) during Spring 2023, students do not recieve a Summer enrollment date at CSUSM. If you are interested in a summer class at CSUSM, please connect with the Office of Academic Advising on your enrollment plans. 

4. If you struggled with serious challenges during this past semester, connect with Cougar Care Network on available options for support.

Some students experienece extreme challenges outside of the normal transition to college. These challenges can look like housing or food insecutity, severe mental health challenges, in need of academic accomdations from  Disability Support Services, grief, violence etc. Cougar Care Network is filled with wonderful staff members designed to support students through these challenges letting them know about academic and personal opportunities available for support.