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College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Understanding the World, Improving Your Community

The College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS) offers an exciting variety of degrees and programs that make up the core of a liberal arts education at CSUSM. Students in CHABSS courses master skills and technologies essential for professional success in a 21st century interdependent global society.

Let CHABSS help you Understand the World and Improve Your Community.

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Cougar Courses

Cougar Courses will undergo schedule maintenance on Tuesday, September 21st at 7am, to restore the calendar functionality. As this feature had previously caused performance issues there may be additional impacts on Tuesday. Please read the full notice.




Kodie Gerritsen
CSUSM President's Outstanding Student &
CHABSS Dean's Outstanding Student

Kodie Gerritsen

Addalee 'Addy' Lyon
CHABSS Community Champion
Addalee 'Addy' Lyon

Ashley Mota Ortega
CHABSS Champion for Scholarship & Creative Works
Ashley Mota Ortega

Ashley Mota Ortega
CHABSS Champion for Scholarship & Creative Works
Rachael Groeneweg

Faith Garcia
CHABSS Champion for Inclusive Excellence
Faith Garcia



Thumbnail: Ask the Expert: The Rise and Meaning of Critical Race Theory
September 16, 2021
This time last year, the words “critical race theory” would have elicited a quizzical look and a shrug outside of a very small...
Thumbnail: Awards and Accolades: Sociology Professor Co-Guest Editor for Journal
September 14, 2021
Cal State San Marcos sociology professor Marisol Clark-Ibáñez is co-guest editor of a forthcoming national journ...
Thumbnail: Helping Others Leads to Growing Business for Alumna
September 3, 2021
Mental health has always been important to Antoinette Chanel, but it has taken on a deeper meaning for her over th...
Thumbnail: Arts & Lectures to Present Seven Events This Fall
August 9, 2021
An appearance by the award-winning performance group Black Took Collective highlights the fall lineup of the longstanding Arts &...

CHABSS in the News

CHABSS Faculty Scholarship & Creative Work

CHABSS Professors who are GEMs

(Going the Extra Mile)

CHABSS began an initiative where we’ve asked students to write in and tell us how their professors are “Going the Extra Mile” (GEM) for their students – it’s completely voluntary to write in. We then share the kudos with the professor and our social media audiences. In these difficult times, it’s nice to spread some positivity around and remind ourselves of the good. If you have a professor who's a GEM, please fill out our form and let us know!


Here for You

CHABSS Stands With You

Our communities have been feeling the anxiety and frustration of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for months. Now the nation is reminded once again of the national shame that our communities of color live with– the inescapable injustice, inequality, and violence that so many experience every day. Read more...

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