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CHABSS-affiliated Scholarships

Lucas Dunn Memorial Scholarship (study abroad in France) 

Madison Dexter Howe Scholarship (Political Science or Economics majors)

J Douglas and Marian R. Pardee Scholarship

Teichert-Pineiro Spanish Scholarship (Spanish Majors) 

The Schmidt Graduate Scholarship in Literature and Writing (graduate students only)

Hein Family Fellowship (graduate students only)

The Wagner Music Scholarship

Eichen Music Scholarship

American Indian in Honor of Lee E. Dixon Scholarship (proof of tribal affiliation required)

Bree Tinney Women’s Studies Scholarship

Suzanne Farwell Memorial Arts Scholarship (Theatre, Music, or Dance majors)

Deanna DeLaney Memorial Scholarship (Sociology majors) 

Eichen Graduate Equity Scholarship (graduate students from any College)

CHABSS Student Success Fund GrantProfessors may nominate CHABSS undergraduate or graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional academic skills/performance to receive a grant to help the student present and/or attend conferences, workshops, or seminars. Professors may nominate students who wish to receive training in a particular field of study and/or enhance particular academic or professional skills. Grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis while funds are available. Ask your professor if she/he will nominate you.


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