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  • Dr. Jon Spenard with CSUSM students

Dr. Jon Spenard instructs his students on mapping techniques during ANTH 380 Current Archeology: Landscape, Space and Place class. He's a third-year faculty member and is an anthropological archaeologist.  ... more about Dr. Spenard's work

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  • Dr. Jon Spenard with CSUSM students

Dr. Jon Spenard instructs his students on mapping techniques during ANTH 380 Current Archeology: Landscape, Space and Place class. Dr. Jon Spenard is an anthropological archaeologist whose work focuses on the intersection of religion, landscape, space and place, community identity, memory, and politics in Mesoamerica, particularly during the Maya Classic period (AD 250-900). His research focuses on the major social and political changes at the end of the Classic period (CE 800-900) due to climate change.

Dr. Spenard teaches ANTH 385 Divine Lords and Earth Monsters: Archaeology of the Ancient Maya; ANTH 370 Environment, Population and Culture classes, ANTH 310: World Prehistory; ANTH 380: Current Archaeology: Landscape, Space, and Place; ANTH 215 Human Origins. With a life-long fascination for archaeology and the pre-Hispanic Maya, Dr. Spenard aims to pass that passion along to his students in the classroom.

The College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS) offers an exciting variety of degrees and programs that make up the core of a liberal arts education at CSUSM. Students in CHABSS courses master skills and technologies essential for professional success in a 21st century interdependent global society. The College provides a supportive learning atmosphere with rich opportunities for close interaction and collaboration with peers, faculty, and community partners. CHABSS graduates are well prepared to enter the world of work in a variety of careers or to pursue post-baccalaureate study leading to advanced academic and professional degrees. Come explore with us:

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Professor Is a Lumen-ary

In a project that highlighted her varied interests, CSUSM art professor Lucy HG Solomon shared an international award called the Lumen Prize for a unique work that bridges the worlds of art, science and artificial intelligence.

Native American Film Festival

Native Women Raise Their Voices at All-female Film Festival to Kick Off Native American Heritage Month

The women who produce, direct and act in films and television have created an echoing movement in 2018 for their voices to be heard. This November, Native and Indigenous women’s voices through stories, films and art come into focus at the California American Indian and Indigenous Film Festival (CAIIFF).

The three-day event takes place November 1-3, the start of Native American Heritage Month. It features a powerful lineup of full-length films, shorts and documentaries that have all been directed and produced by Native American and Indigenous women, and that star female Native American and Indigenous actors.


Changing Tune

Sean Griser saw his CSUSM academic career take a new route after he did an undergraduate service learning project that involved tracking how customized music loaded on iPods affected the well-being of dementia patients. Now he's furthering that research for his master's thesis in psychology.

Art Students Part of Public Exhibition in Escondido

Art Students Part of Public Exhibition in Escondido

The art exhibition "DesEscondido" explores how things can be both obscured and visible in a city whose name, in Spanish, means “the hidden place." Guided by arts professor Judit Hersko, a group of CSUSM students will showcase works on the region's immigration, native history and sustainability.


Pushups for a Cause

The Pushup Challenge is supposed to be 22 a day for 22 days. But Cal State San Marcos master's student and Marine veteran William Felty has done 22 pushups daily for more than two years, part of his ceaseless quest to raise awareness of the problem of veteran suicide.


Cycling a Passion for Women's Studies Professor

Our "Beyond the Classroom" series continues with CSUSM women's studies professor, Jodie Lawston, a force to be reckoned with both inside and outside the classroom. If she’s not on campus, there’s a good chance she’s on her bike, recording some of the 180-200 miles she aims to ride each week.

Juan Duran

Encouragement from Brother, CAMP Pays Off

Juan spent four weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, during the summer after being one of just 10 students nationally selected for the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, which is made possible through a partnership between the Council on International Educational Exchange and the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions.

"If he hadn’t pushed me, I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity," said Juan, a third-year history student at Cal State San Marcos. "He's my role model. I can't wait to have other students look at me like I look at my brother."


Taste for Student Success

Saturday, October 20, 2018 -- Tickets are on sale now!

A lively festival showcasing tastes of gournet cuisine, fine wines, craft brews and premium spirits. Taste from all of our exhibitotors while enjoying live music, games, a photobooth, and a silent auction. All event proceeds support student success programs at CSUSM.

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