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Students laying in a circle

College of
Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Understanding the World, Improving Your Community

The College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS) offers an exciting variety of degrees and programs that make up the core of a liberal arts education at CSUSM. Students in CHABSS courses master skills and technologies essential for professional success in a 21st century interdependent global society.

CHABSS Strategic Plan

The College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences is starting its new startegic planning process.

CHABSS Strategic Plan



Krystal Alvarez-Hernandez, Samuel Witt, Gabriel Castellanos, Shelby Rossman
Student Spotlight
2022 CHABSS Dean's Award Winners
Award winners clockwise from top-left:

  • 2022 CSUSM President's Outstanding Graduate & CHABSS Dean's Outstanding Student
    Krystal Alvarez-Hernandez
    Psychological Science major
  • CHABSS Community Champion
    Samuel Witt
    Political Science major, History minor
  • CHABSS Champion for Inclusive Excellence
    Gabriel Castellanos
    Child & Adolescent Development major, Communication minor
  • CHABSS Champion for Scholarship & Creative Activities
    Shelby Rossman
    Art, Media, and Design major