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Experiencing a classroom issue?

  1. Try to work out the problem by meeting with your instructor. Students have told us this is the best way to resolve the situation. 
  2. If the problem remains unresolved, meet with the Department Chair or Program Director of the department offering the course to discuss the issue. When you meet and/or email, please include the following:
      • A detailed description of the situation.
      • Those with whom you have met regarding the situation and what action (s) have been taken. Include any email correspondence between you and the instructor.
      • The course syllabus
      • Please be sure to include your name and contact information, anonymous complaints will be discarded, and no action will be taken. 
  3. If the Department Chair or Program Director cannot resolve the issue, contact the CHABSS Director of Student Success, Leo Melena (
  4. You will be contacted if further information is needed and/or to schedule an appointment to meet to discuss the issue in person. The CHABSS Dean’s Office will identify options and potential resolutions to the situation, whenever possible.
  5. Please be aware that if the problem cannot be resolved through the steps noted above, you have further recourse with the University's formal policies and procedures.
    • Student Grievance: Grievances are filed via the Office of the Dean of Students, located in the University Student Union (USU) 3500.
    • Student Grade Appeal: Grade appeals are filed via the Academic Senate Office, located in Kellogg Library 5004.
    • There is a filing deadline for both processes of no later than March 15 for the prior fall semester or October 15 for the prior spring semester.
    • For more information and support in completing the formal processes, please visit the Dean of Students Office in the University Student Union (USU) 3500 or visit their policies and procedures website.