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About The College

Through degree programs in arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and interdisciplinary programs, CHABSS equips students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials critical for a changing world rich with opportunities, challenges, and diversity. Our programs provide both foundational and discipline-specific knowledge of human behavior, social systems, cultural and material power, communication and creativity. Our students learn creative problem solving, complex issue analysis, and how to work collaboratively applying common threads of historically vital knowledge to address and redefine challenges in their work and civic life.

CHABSS currently offers 25 Bachelor of Arts (BA) and five Master of Arts (MA) degrees, along with 34 minors. The College also contributes richly to the University’s general education program, serving all undergraduate students with a curriculum of broad, global and historical knowledge and valuable work and life skills.

The world presents an opportunity for innovation, social justice, and a re-shaping of our structures and values. CHABSS’s programs facilitate that opportunity, both through the building of vital skills and the teaching of foundational thinking about work, life, and the human experience.

In addition, we offer students opportunities to:

  • Master information literacy and new technologies that help them meet the challenges of the rapidly changing future
  • Develop language skills and cultural awareness that helps them in our globally interdependent 21st century society
  • Build lifelong careers of leadership, learning, creativity, professional achievement and community service

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Social and Behavioral Sciences Building 4115

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California State University San Marcos
College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences
SBSB 4115
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
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