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Enrollment Tips

Enrollment Strategies BEFORE the semester begins:

  • Waitlisting Courses

    1. In your Student Center, select the "enroll" link.
    2. Select the green "Search" button
    3. Search for the course you are trying to add (make sure to uncheck "Show Open Classes Only"),
    4. Select "Select Class"
    5. Check the box: "Wait list if class is full"
    6. Select "Next"
    7. Select "Proceed to Step 2 of 3"
    8. Select "Finish Enrolling".

    • Students are moved from the waitlist into the course only if a seat  becomes available (in the order of your waitlist position).
    • Placing yourself on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment.
    • Factors that may prohibit you from being placed into a waitlisted 
      course include unit limits, class time conflicts, prerequisite issues, etc.
    • If you are on a waitlist and do not plan to pursue enrollment, remove yourself from the waitlist.
    waitlist process screenshot
  • Still Looking for Classes?

    • The video above and PDF below provide information on waitlisting, navigating the Schedule Assistant, generating schedules, arranging your plan, etc.


    CSU Fuly Online


    UNIV 495: Internships

    • UNIV 495 was developed primarily to meet the needs of students from majors that do not have or are not currently offering an internship course, as well as for students wanting to do an internship outside their major.
    • This variable-unit (1-6 credits) course is also ideal for students who may only need 1 or 2 elective units to graduate.  More information about UNIV 495: Internships can be found here.

Enrollment Strategies AFTER the semester begins:

  • Adding Courses

    •  During the first week of the semester, a permission number will not be required to enroll in an open course. You may add classes yourself, online in your Student Center.
      • If instructor consent is required, a permission number is still needed to enroll. 
      • If a class is not displayed as “open”, a permission number is still needed to enroll. Refer to How to Crash a Class.
    • During the second week of the semester, the only way to add a course will be with a permission number provided by the course instructor. Refer to How to Crash a Class.
  • Dropping Courses

    • If you are enrolled in a course you do not intend to complete, you are encouraged to drop the course prior to the start of the semester to avoid tuition related fees and negative grading.
    • Be sure to check the enrollment calendar for the last day to drop a class without receiving a W.