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Withdrawals After Payment

If you find it necessary to withdraw from classes, you will need to complete the withdrawal procedures as outlined by the Office of the Registrar. Based on the date you withdraw and the number of days you were enrolled in classes during the semester, the University will determine if you are eligible for a refund of all or a portion of fees. However, the determination of whether or not you are eligible to retain financial aid funds already disbursed will be based on the federally established Return to Title IV policies. The Return to Title IV calculation determines the amount of financial aid "earned" based on the period of time the student was enrolled for the term. 

For example, if a student was enrolled in classes through 30% of the semester, the student would have "earned" 30% of the student aid that had been or could have been disbursed. Students are responsible for any assistance that was disbursed but was not earned based on the period of attendance completed prior to the date of withdrawal from all classes. If an overpayment should occur, the student will be billed and is responsible for repayment of unearned financial aid funds. Students should also be aware that withdrawal from classes (even if approved by Academic Advising) may also result in disqualification for financial aid in the future due to lack of completing units per the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies for Financial Aid: