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For Internship Providers/Community Partners

At CSUSM we understand the value of forging strong and lasting partnerships with engaged community and industry organizations. In our internship program, you will serve as co-educators and help to guide new generations as they enter the workforce. 

Program Requirements

Internship providers must establish a University Community Partnership prior to promoting or hosting CSUSM students as interns. As a community partner, your organization's role will include:   

  • Ensuring the internship position is related to an academic field of study available at CSUSM
  • Ensuring the internship position consists of pre-professional or professionally-related work assignments and tasks (administrative tasks cannot exceed more than 20% of the internship. In addition, students are not permitted to conduct sales)
  • Ensuring a safe and appropriate learning environment by providing a safety orientation prior to starting the internship
  • Permitting, as needed, a CSUSM faculty/staff member to conduct a site visit prior to the student commencing internship work
  • Providing training and consistent guidance and supervision by a professional staff member
  • Providing a workplace orientation to the student including safety and emergency procedures
  • Allowing interns to meet with their supervisors and receive feedback on their activities on a regular basis
  • Verifying internship hours completed
  • Completing a partner experience survey
  • Familiarizing with student privacy laws (FERPA) and adhere to it accordingly

To apply for a partnership, please review the steps for applying for a  University Community Partnership. 

Also see: Frequently Asked Questions

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