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We provide technology services that bring together students and their university, support faculty scholarship, and facilitate administrative services.

Goal #5 – Embrace Emerging Technologies to Build Community and Strengthen Collaboration

5.1   CSUSM transcends organizational boundaries, using common platforms and systems that promote campus-wide collaboration.  

5.2   CSUSM expands access to instruction, expanding the use of affordable instructional materials that align with the needs of students who are always connected and always online. 

5.3   CSUSM connects people, enhancing community by facilitating meaningful communication.

Goal #6 – Facilitate Connections That Promote Discovery and Knowledge

6.1   CSUSM strengthens research and scholarship, supporting evolving fields of interest, changing methodologies, and collaboration.

6.2   CSUSM cultivates the exchange of ideas, facilitating dialogue and collaboration through diverse channels of communication.  

6.3   CSUSM unites a digital campus, delivering timely, convenient, and personalized communications that connect the community to relevant information and resources.

Strategic Projects

The following list shows the current projects for goals 5 and 6.  See all projects int the Portfolio Manager.