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We inform, educate, and advance knowledge through technology platforms that promote critical thinking, develop communication skills, and create personal engagement.

Goal #3 – Deliver Technology That Enhances Learning And Facilitates The Exploration of Knowledge

3.1   CSUSM engages campus constituents, integrating intuitive technology with customer-centric services, learning tools, and campus involvement.

3.2   CSUSM encourages life-long learning, expanding knowledge, inspiring confidence, and developing proficiencies through training and professional development programs.  

3.3   CSUSM champions the adoption of new technologies, through differentiated learning opportunities and one-to-one guidance.

Goal #4 – Provide Dynamic Virtual And Physical Spaces That Effectively Support The Campus

4.1   CSUSM transforms learning & working environments, exploring technologies that support faculty pedagogy and student learning, provide equal access, and create effective working areas. 

4.2   CSUSM commits to modern technology, balancing fiscal sustainability with priorities for technological currency. 

4.3   CSUSM responds to unique needs, deploying discipline-specific technology in classroom, research, and laboratory spaces.

Strategic Projects

The following list shows the current projects for goals 3 and 4. See all projects int the Portfolio Manager.