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Implementation Process

The IT Strategic Plan is our tool to understanding what key initiatives we need to be doing today to build the technology for CSUSM of the future. The successful completion of these projects becomes fundamentally important along with the effective process for monitoring results and tracking the progress of the projects.

The Strategic Plan Initiatives are projects approved for further investigation and implementation.  This list of projects will evolve throughout the ongoing implementation of the IT Strategic Plan.  Our criteria for project inclusion is: 

  • Service Impact – project or service has a broad impact on multiple campus constituencies 
  • Operational Impact - multi-divisional use and/or campus-wide functional requirements 
  • Resource Impact –  large investment of time, personnel, and fiscal resources

The Portfolio Management website shows the specific strategic alignment along with current status of the projects associated with each initiative. 

The following image shows the CSUSM Strategic Plan framework. Implementation and dialog will be ongoing for 5 years on what are the expected outcomes for each project and how we accomplish the outcomes.

 5 year process to Plan Analyze Implement and execute projects aligned to the plan

We will continue to  plan, analyze, implement and execute as we accomplish the projected outcomes.  The high-level steps involved in the process each academic year are:

  • Key priorities are reviewed and plans are created for new technology trends which emerge.
  • Analysis is done comparing new technology trends with the campus business goals. 
  • Project implementation plans continue to be adjusted or new plans are created. 
  • Project updates continue as project implementations are executed and each is reviewed on a bi-annual basis.

Project Reporting Expectations

The Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) reviews projects bi-annually. Projects which are approved to proceed to implementation will be listed on the Portfolio Management site. The initiatives will change over the course of the TSP implementation.  The current initiatives list was adopted by IMSC on August 21, 2018. 

To propose a new project email