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We maintain a secure, high quality, and data-supported decision-making environment through technology resources and systems that promote institutional effectiveness and student success. 

Goal #7 – Support Informed Decision-making With Integrated And Reliable Data

7.1   CSUSM guides decision-making, using computing platforms and services that help to analyze, inform, and guide strategies.

7.2   CSUSM integrates quality data, providing a secure, reliable and accessible information repository. 

7.3   CSUSM extends data analysis, deploying self-service tools that enable independent inquiry and facilitate actionable insights.   

Goal #8 – Ensure Privacy And Promote Security Through Transparent And Responsible Use Of Data And Systems

8.1   CSUSM values privacy and security, balancing the security of information with appropriate access and compliance. 

8.2   CSUSM adapts to changing requirements, providing ongoing security awareness training, proactively securing systems, and effective data governance. 

8.3   CSUSM uses data responsibly, committing to transparency and public disclosure.

Strategic Projects

The following projects are aligned to Goals 7 and 8.  See all projects int the Portfolio Manager.

  • Projects On Hold
    • Mediasite Upgrade - Install respective Mediasite programs, review permissions, and migrate files to new storage.  This upgrade is on hold  pending further review.