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Caregiver Support

woman pushing patient in wheelchair
two siblings

Caregivers devote countless hours tending to chronically ill family members and friends, often at considerable cost to their own well-being.  Caregivers need support and often have no time to search for resources.  We hope to help you find the support you need for you and your loved ones.  Here’s a digest of information and local resources to support caregiving and caregivers.

Local Caregiver Support Resources


Online Resources

The Caregiver's Handbook (EduMed online publication)

Youth Caregivers

Millions of children, youth, and young adults in the U.S. provide care to family members who suffer from physical or mental illness, substance use/abuse, and other disabilities. If you are a young caregiver or a teacher/parent in need of resources, check out our youth caregiver website to help you find the support you need so you and your family can enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Youth Caregivers

Resources for Educators and Parents

Free toolkit for educators working with Youth Caregivers