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The WGYLM® Campaign

The What Gives Your Life Meaning (WGYLM®) Campaign was created to spread awareness about palliative care to students, workplaces, and the community with the four following objectives: 

  • What is advance care planning
  • What palliative care is and is not
  • Where to locate resources for palliative care needs
  • Who is involved with palliative care

Want to Join the Movement?

 You can host your own campaign in 2 easy steps:

  1. Register – Register in order to get your free copy of the WGYLM® manual. Registering entitles you to use the Master Artwork (the WGYLM® logo), included with the manual. You will be able to use the artwork on your own printed materials to publicize the campaign.
  2. Promote – The manual also contains instructions on how to purchase promotional materials (e.g., pens, stress hearts) for your campaign. Purchase the promotional items of your choice on and use code “WGYLM” at checkout! For all inquiries or assistance, contact the toll-free number 866-624-3694 or

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