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Commemorating COVID-19

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COVID-19 affected us all. Each of us suffered its disruptions, and many of us feel the genuine loss of loved ones, friends, or neighbors.  Moving past the pandemic, let us remember those we loved and lost, honor those who sacrificed and served, and give thanks for what we gained and learned, helping one another through these historic times.  Here are some campus projects, initiatives, and resources providing ways to share, commemorate, and cope with the pandemic impact and what it means for our future.

Campus Projects

*These projects will be extended through the fall semester 

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COVID-19 Memorials and Tributes

This online exhibition provides a space to honor a loved one who passed away during the pandemic, either from COVID-19 or from other causes.  Share your loved one’s photo and life story on our main exhibit page. Show your love and express your loss with a dedicated tribute page. 

Memorials and Tributes

CSUSM Compassion Quilt Project

As one way to commemorate our COVID-19 experience, the Compassion Quilt Project invites all campus community members to design and decorate a quilt square to be included in Fall 2021 compassion quilts.  Remember a lost loved one, honor the service of essential workers, or signify memories of life under lockdown.

Compassion Quilt

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CSUSM Together/Apart

This online exhibit of art, photographs, oral histories and recollections was created to capture our experience as we all departed from campus and reckoned with social distancing. Submit graphics and stories that capture your experience in starting back up, going back outside, and repopulating the campus (and world). 

Together Apart

Remembering Those We Have Lost


During commencement weekend, we honored the approximately 3 million lives lost to COVID-19 worldwide, including members and families of the CSUSM community. The campus community and guests are welcome to come visit the display of 600 pinwheels with each one representing 5,000 lives lost. The display was located on the lawn near Administrative Building. 

Free Community Webinar Open to Everyone

Healing and Moving Forward, Coming Out of the COVID Pandemic

Geared to help patients, families, caregivers and providers move ahead from the pandemic experience. Speakers will address caregiving burdens, coping with grief and loss, planning for future healthcare needs, and enhancing the lives of those with chronic, serious illness. Includes a panel discussion with healthcare experts and a layperson caregiver, sharing lessons learned from the pandemic. 

Thursday, June 17, 2021, 1:00-4:00 pm

Hosted by the CSU Shiley Haynes Institute for Palliative Care at CSUSM and The San Diego Coalition for Compassionate Care. 


For Students

Students can seek out counseling and health care support by visiting Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). SHCS offers individual and group support for matriculated CSUSM students.

Student Health and Counseling Services

Cougar Care Network provides information, connection to resources, advocacy and support for students dealing with personal, academic, financial or other challenges which may adversely affect their academic success and/or collegiate experience.

Cougar Care Network

For Staff and Faculty

The Staff Center offers peer support, opportunities for professional development and advancement, and referrals to on and off-campus resources.

Staff Center

Faculty - Advocacy, Care, Engagement and Support (FACES) provides supportive services, resource linkage, workshops, faculty to faculty coaching, and professional training and development.

For Everyone

Resources that offer help and support for those coping with grief and bereavement.

Coping with Grief

Resources that offer support for those serving as caregivers to friends and family members.

Caregiver Support

Our Committee

The Commemoration Project is a collaborative effort of the CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care at CSUSM, the Dean of Students Office, the Staff Center, FACES, and the Commencement Office. 

About the Shiley Institute for Palliative Care

We serve the San Marcos campus and our neighboring communities with programs, events, and educational resources promoting palliative care, advance healthcare planning, support for caregivers, and related topics.

What is Palliative Care