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About Advance Care Planning


Get started by filling out an Advance Directive

An Advanced Directive is designed to ensure that you are treated the way YOU want in case of an unexpected emergency.

  • lets you decide which organs you wish to donate, or if you want to donate your body to research
  • names your values
  • lets you decide pain management treatment
  • how frequently you want baths and other cleanliness needs
  • what items or photos you would want in your hospital room
  • what you want you family to know
  • how you would like to be remembered
  • what you want you family to know
  • how you would like to be remembered
  • names 2 people you trust to make healthcare decisions for you
  • outlines what you would/would not want done for you if you were seriously ill or injured.
  • determines if you would want a breathing machine, feeding tube, or other life sustaining treatments
  • if you would like CPR attempted or permit natural death
  • whether or not you would want to be kept alive when brain dead or in conditions where you couldn’t take care of yourself

Why is an Advance Directive important?

An advance directive is a legal document that will assure your healthcare wishes are known no matter what state you are in. This will also lessen the stress and anxiety for your family who would otherwise be in the position of making decisions on your life or death. Making sure your family knows will ease conflict between family members and help them understand that the doctor is giving you the care YOU want. 

Want to fill out an Advance Directive?

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