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Commemmorating COVID-19

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COVID-19 affected us all. Each of us suffered its disruptions, and many of us feel the genuine loss of loved ones, friends, or neighbors.  Moving past the pandemic, let us remember those we loved and lost, honor those who sacrificed and served, and give thanks for what we gained and learned, helping one another through these historic times.  Here are some campus projects, initiatives, and resources providing ways to share, commemorate, and cope with the pandemic impact and what it means for our future.

Commemorating COVID-19

Compassion Quilt


The COVID-19 Compassion Quilt Project will focus on the creation of a campus quilt to commemorate our collective experience around Covid-19. 

All members of the campus community will be encouraged to create a 10” square panel for the quilt.  This panel may honor someone who died during this pandemic (of Covid or other illnesses/accidents), honor the service of someone during the pandemic, or provide some expression of what we are grateful for during this pandemic.