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Dora Figueroa

Tribute by Soledad Gonzalezsevilla


My Tia (Aunt)

Her favorite hobby:

She was passionate and committed to her faith as a Jehovahs Witness.

Your favorite thing to do with your loved one:

  She loved taking care of my children and they became very close to her. I loved talking with her.

Something she taught that sticks with you, or her best piece of advice:

She was a fighter and never gave up on herself. I truly admired that about her.

How pandemic conditions affected her care or your ability to support her in her illness: 

The hardest part during her time at the hospital, not being there by her side until her last day was the hardest. The day she passed I spoke to her that morning. I would have given her the world.

If she were here today, what would you like to say to her?

 I would tell her not to worry about working hard anymore. I would stick to my promise to have her take care of herself while I did the rest and she didn’t have to worry about working hard. We love you so much and I did not give up on you Tia.

You were always so wonderful with the children and they miss you so much. I will miss seeing you get all dolled up for church and how lovely you looked.