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Kenneth James Thompson

Tribute by Ashley Thompson

 family together smiling

My Grandpa

My grandfather was the toughest, most unremarkable person ever. He was unlike anyone I have ever met. He always had so many stories and life lessons to share with us. He was unconventional in the best way possible. Grandpa “grrrrr” you are truly missed. I would give anything to have another big bear hug and to hear you say, “hi baby!” We miss you so much and we know how hard you fought. Any time Johnny Cash comes on, I will always think of you. Thank you for the endless laughs and unconditional love

Kenneth Smiling

His occupation, profession, or focus of his life’s work:


His favorite hobby:

Playing poker at the AVI



Your favorite thing to do with your loved one:

I loved listening to his stories about his younger years. His favorite thing was to debate with us and push our buttons.

His greatest milestone or accomplishment:

His family!

Something he taught that sticks with you, or his best piece of advice:

He made me the tough, independent person I am today. He may have shown me tough love but he always supported me no matter what.

How pandemic conditions affected his care or your ability to support him in his illness: 

I was unable to say goodbye due to COVID restrictions in the hospital. It went downhill very quickly and we were only communicating through facetime. I regret being far away and I was not able to go see him.

If he were here today, what would you like to say to him?

Thank you for always pushing me to be better.