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Lincoln Mennuti

Tribute by Suzanne Moineau

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My Cousin Linc

My cousin, Linc, was a big teddy bear. He was smart beyond measure and had a very unique way of looking at the world. He was a keen observer of human behavior and had a clever way of expressing his thoughts that really illuminated his curious way of thinking. He also found humor in most things. He was a self-taught computer engineer, a comic book enthusiast, and a loving father. 

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Your favorite thing to do with your loved one:

Our family has always been big into playing games. My favorite one would be a toss-up between bocce ball and playing a family-invented limerick game. No matter what we were doing, we always did it laughing!

Their greatest accomplishment:

I was always so impressed that my cousin taught himself all about computers without any formal training. He was so skilled that he landed top level jobs with JPMorgan Chase, Barclays Capital and Stanley Morgan.

Would you like to add anything else about them?

I come from a family with 12 grandchildren on my mother's side. Lincoln was the eldest of the three male cousins. As the first male grandchild, my grandmother adored and spoiled him. My Uncle Joe had met and married a Thai woman and Lincoln and his brother Jefferson were born and raised in Thailand for the first years of their lives. He went through an extended silent period when he came to the US. Given how much he loved my grandmother's Sunday dinners, it wasn't surprising that the first word any of us can recall him saying is 'meatballs'. I also always found it charming that he wore suspenders, just like my grandfather and my uncles, despite the fact that they were not really in fashion in our generation. He found them practical and as such, wore them all the time! Whenever I saw him, it was a sweet reminder of my grandfather.