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Sustainable Design

Planning Design & Construction is committed to the sustainability of the campus through the development of buildings utilizing the most sustainable design and construction practices. PDC embraces the practices of the CSUSM Sustainability Master Plan, California State University Energy and Sustainability Guidelines and The U.S. Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) and the California Green Building Code.  LEED Silver has become a standard for the CSU System, but here at CSUSM, we make every attempt to make LEED Gold our standard for all new buildings.

Planning Design & Construction starts every project with sustainability in mind, and as part of the architect and contractor selection process, success in delivering LEED accredited projects is a requirement.  To monitor and assist in the delivery of sustainable projects, PDC project managers are LEED certified.

While most projects are more different than they are similar, PDC has identified many sustainable design standards for our Campus buildings in the following LEED categories:

    • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
    • Protect or Restore Habitat
    • Open Space
    • Rainwater Management
    • Heat Island Reduction
    • Light Pollution Reduction
    • Outdoor Water Use Reduction
    • Indoor Water Use Reduction
    • Building-Level Water Metering
    • Cooling Tower Water Use
    • Water Metering
    • Fundamental Refrigerant Management
    • Enhanced Commissioning
    • Optimized Energy Performance
    • Advanced Energy Metering
    • Demand Response
    • Renewable Energy Production
    • Green Power and Carbon Offsets
    • Storage and Collection of Recyclables
    • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning
    • Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction
    • Building Product Disclosures and Optimization
    • Construction and Demolition Waste Management
    • Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control
    • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies
    • Low-Emitting Materials
    • Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
    • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
    • Thermal Comfort
    • Interior Lighting
    • Daylight
    • Quality Views
    • Acoustic Performance
    • Sensitive Land Protection
    • Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses
    • Access to Quality Transit
      • Bus
      • Rapid Transit Stops
      • Light/Heavy Rail Stations
      • Commuter Rail Stations
      • Rideshare Stops
    • Bicycle Facilities



CSUSM LEED Certified Projects

Sports Center (Field House Expansion) LEED Gold (Projected)

Student Health & Counseling LEED Gold - 2014

University Student Union LEED Gold - 2014

Public Safety Building LEED Gold - 2012

Social & Behavioral Sciences LEED Silver - 2012