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  • The Vision of the Cal State San Marcos Police Department is to be the finest police agency of its kind.


  • To protect our campus community above all else
  • To practice community policing through maximum involvement with our campus community
  • To control and prevent crime proactively and innovatively
  • To provide excellent customer service that is responsive and professional at all times
  • To provide a welcoming environment through innovative parking solutions
  • To save lives and protect property through emergency management


  • Campus Safety - We ensure a safe learning environment by being omnipresent, responding quickly to emergencies, and providing professional service upon arrival.
  • Personal Safety - We cannot help others if we are incapacitated.
  • Honesty, integrity, and ethics- We demonstrate "character in action" at all times. It is the foundation of our department.
  • Customer service- We are known for excellence in customer service, and provide it daily
  • Organizational and personal excellence- We give our best with every citizen contact, and we develop tomorrow's leaders today.
  • Respect - We show respect for all persons, for each other, and for this organization.
  • Positive Work Environment- We combine dedicated service with an atmosphere where people are encouraging and enjoy their work.
  • Accountability- We put our university first; we take responsibility for mistakes, and follow a path of continuous improvement. We are a team, and we do not let our teammates down.
  • Collaboration - We value input from inside and outside the department, always seeking the best resolution to all challenges.