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CSO Program

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are non-sworn personnel of the University Police Department. CSOs are students who work part-time to provide services to the university community. CSOs perform a variety of duties, which include, but are not limited to the following: parking enforcement, building lockups and unlocks, telephone and light checks, crime prevention, security for special events, traffic control, and night escorts to campus parking lots and adjacent property to the University.

Along with regular duties CSOs are given the opportunity to train in other relevant areas, including but not limited to: CPR, First Aid and Traffic Control, ride alongs, building searches and other law enfrocement training.

With these training opportunities CSOs are exposed to many aspects of the Law Enforcement field and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be in Law Enforcement. Learn more about Community Service Officers.  


In 2015 the University Police Department created a community outreach office called P.A.C.E., which stands for Policing and Community Engagement. The officers assigned to this office are responsible for working with the community to address concerns and collaborate on effective solutions as well as creating educational programs and events to help build better relationship with all of our campus partners and community members. P.A.C.E. provides the following services free of charge:

  • Student/Staff/Faculty safety training
    • Active Shooter
    • Work Place Safety
    • Personal Safety
    • Emergency Preparedness (in collaboration with the Emergency Manager)
  • Alcohol awareness education
  • Student organization event collaboration

If you would like P.A.C.E. to support your event or give your organization training please contact us via the information below. If there is a training you would like to receive but do not see it mentioned above, please contact us at

Rape Aggression Defense

The University Police Department offers FREE self-defense courses each semester for female students, faculty, staff and community members. The Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course is a 12-hour course spread across 3 days. Women will learn how to adopt daily habits to reduce the chance of being attacked and will learn basic defense tactics to defend against an attacker if they are attacked. Sign up online or contact instructors at


The University Police offer interested individuals the opportunity to accompany a police officer in the field to observe the patrol activities of the campus and immediate surrounding areas and is called a "ride-along".  This program is offered to better familiarize the university and local communities to the law enforcement function, and to allow those considering a career in law enforcement to better inform themselves on their personal career options. If you are interested in participating in the University Police Ride Along Program, please contact Sergeant Herman Hernandez at (760)750-4567 or send an email to to schedule your visit.

UPD Internships

The University Police Department has a semester long internship program for fall and spring semesters and is designed to introduce interns into the field of law enforcement.  The internship program is flexible to meet the needs of each intern, whether they have to meet hourly requirements for a class or just want to be introduced to law enforcement. Learn more about UPD Internships.