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Active Shooter


In the case of an active shooter incident on campus, remember these quick words of advice:

Run | Hide | Fight 


  • Assume it’s gunfire and get out
  • Do not attempt to confirm if it is an active shooter


  • If you cannot safely run,  Hide
    • All campus classrooms are considered safe rooms, they all lock from the inside of the classroom.
    • Lockdown and Shelter in place, move quickly to a safe room ,
      • Lock and barricade all entrances (try to be as quiet as possible if you decide to barricade)
      • Close the blinds
      • Turn off lights and
      • Silence cell phones – keep them on for updates and All Clear notice
      • Wait for All Clear


  • As a last resort and only when your life is in danger, you may choose to attempt to disrupt and/or incapacitate the active shooter:
    • Acting as aggressively as possible against the assailant.
    • Throwing items and improvising weapons
    • Commit to your actions and follow through 

Emergency Alert

  • If you receive an Emergency Notification but you are not hearing gun fire or see an assailant, move to your safe room, lockdown and shelter in place


  • Identify:
    • Exit routes
    • How to secure room
    • Best places to hide (Behind heavy objects etc)
    • Items that can be used to defend oneself