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Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)


If you are interested in requesting funds for Fall 2020–Spring 2021, please access the documents by clicking on the link titled, IRA Guidelines and Request Form (above).

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

This website will acquaint you with the California State University Student Fee Policy as outlined in Executive Order Number 1102 which establishes the parameters governing tuition fee requests, oversight, and approval and provide information regarding the CSUSM Student Fee Advisory Committee proposal review process.

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee reviews and recommends approval of requests to increase or waive Category II or III fees (See page 1 of Executive Order 1102 for Fee Category Definitions). This committee is chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs and is advisory to the President of CSUSM.

SFAC Members 2019-2020

Student Success Fee Information

Committee Information Reporting

For Student Affairs representatives to campus committees wishing to report information about an issue that might have implications for other departments, programs, or the division please fill out the form below. Providing this information in a timely manner allows the division to stay aware of campus issues and collectively make informed decisions that are consistent with our strategic plan and the long term goals and objectives of the university.

Committee Information Reporting Form

Your assistance by way of providing this information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!