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Careers in Sociology

Sociology students frequently ask the question "what can I do with a degree in sociology?" This question reflects the apprehension many students feel about job prospects after earning their degree. The good news is that a B.A. in sociology positions graduates to be highly competitive in today's tight labor market. Today's (and tomorrow's) employers seek employees who are able to analyze information, understand and work in diverse organizational structures, and maintain or supervise satisfactory relationships with people. The major in sociology provides students with the background and training to develop each of these skills.

The skills one gains in the study of sociology can be transferred to a wide variety of jobs. One important set of skills involves the ability to apply sociological knowledge to the analysis of social problems in diverse social settings. In addition, sociology provides training in written and verbal communication, research methods and analytic techniques such as: computer applications, survey and observational research, and statistics. All of these talents are in demand and open one to a wide and intriguing range of career opportunities, in both the private and public sectors (local, state, and federal government agencies). Many former sociology students are employed by research institutes, businesses, and universities as analysts and research specialists.

Finally, it is useful to have had practical experience in the area in which you plan to seek employment. The sociology program's internship and service-learning programs both provide opportunities to gain this valuable experience. Moreover, these programs provide an opportunity to augment one's network of employment references, increasing the likelihood of landing a desired job.  A wide variety of opportunities are available, from working with young children to working with the elder population, from working in community service agencies to working on cutting-edge research in the Social and Behavioral Research Center.
The following readings provide further information about potential careers in Sociology and/or Criminology and Justice Studies:
What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

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