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MASP Alumni

Photo of Travis Blunt

Travis Blunt

Thesis area of Interest:
Informal Economy, Hyper-Surveillance of Gangs, Youth and Gangs, Mass Incarceration, and Homelessness 

Aaron "Fitz" Fitzpatrick

Thesis area of Interest:
Accent Prejudice,Linguicism, CRT, Racialization of Language, Second Language Acquisition, Identity Formation for ESL Learners, and SocioPoetix. 
Photo of Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

Thesis area of Interest:
Youth in Mixed Immigration Status Families, Undocumented Youth, and Education 
Photo of Jordan Grasso

Jordan Grasso

Thesis area of Interest:
Police Subculture, Critical Race Theory, Power and Privilege, Social Control, Oppression, and LGBT Studies

Erendira Irais Hernandez

Thesis area of Interest:
Youth experiences in education and the school-to-prison pipeline, Education, Youth, Youth in Gangs, Immigration. 
Photo of Roxanna Llamas

Roxanna Llamas

Thesis area of Interest:
Intersectionality of Race, Class, Gender, Latino/a Middle Class, Middle Class Minority Groups, Colorism, and Identity
Lillian Nahar - Graduate Student

Lillian Nahar 

Thesis area of Interest:
White Supremacy Ideology and Institutionalized Racism in Corporate America and our Judicial System that legitimize and perpetuate inequality for Black Americans 

J. Stalin Plascencia

Thesis area of Interest:
Hyper-criminality and Hyper-surveillance as experienced by Xican@ youth, Youth and Gangs, Critical criminology, Urban sociology and Immigration. 
Photo of Flor Saldana

Flor Saldana 

Thesis area of Interest:
Latinos and Education and Medical Sociology 
profile picture for Oscar Fabian Soto

Oscar Fabian Soto

Thesis area of Interest:
Prison Industrial complex emphasis on Disproportionality among Prison Systems, Prisoner reentry and recidivism, Youth and Gangs, and Gang Injunctions. 
Olivia Victory - MASP Cohort

Olivia Victory 

Thesis area of Interest:
Juvenile Justice. Thesis topic: Youth experiences in institutional care