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MASP Students

Photo of Shane Anderson

Shane Anderson

Thesis area of Interest:

Asian Studies, Cosplay Culture, Sociology and Technology, Poverty, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity, Families and Intimate Relationships, and Gender Performativity. 

Photo of Lexus Criswell

Lexus Criswell 

Thesis area of Interest:

Medical Sociology, White Collar Crime, and Juvenile Delinquency. 

Photo of J Martin Leyva

Juan "Martin" Leyva

Thesis area of Interest:

Emphasis on the Prison Industrial Complex Prisoner, Reentry and Recidivism; Youth and Gangs, Gang Injunctions, Gang Intervention, Prevention and Street Restorative Justice; Social Justice, Equality, Equity, and Intersectionality. 


Maria Jimenez 

Thesis area of Interest:

My research interests are social factors that affect Latino males, school to prison pipeline, youth gangs, civil-gang injunctions, colonialism, etc

Colonial ideology and the incorporation of civil gang injunctions in Latino communities has marginalized Latino males and pushed them down the school to prison pipeline. 

Vanessa Martinez

Thesis area of Interest:

Issues affecting Chicanx and Mexican Indigenous communities, the cultural appropriation and commodification of Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), colonialism, capitalism, race and ethnic relations, and Chicana feminism. 

Photo of Ana Ochoa

Ana Ochoa

Thesis area of Interest:

Juvenile Delinquency, School to Prison Pipeline, and Third World Country Gangs 

Photo of Denise Nealon

Denise Nealon 

Thesis area of Interest:

Concept of Intersectionality, Standpoint Theory, Navigation of Public Space, Gender, Internalized Sexism. 

Photo of Felipe Rendon

Felipe Rendon 

Thesis area of Interest:

Informal Economy/Political Economy, Gentrification, Youth Gangs and their hyper-criminalization leading to incarceration. 

Photo of Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Sportsman

Thesis area of Interest:

Domestic Violence, Racial Profiling, and Gun Control.