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Double Major

Students with a double major in Sociology and Criminology and Justice Studies:

The double majoring policy will be practiced in the following manner and will impact students graduating after summer 2012.

If you do not complete your degree by summer 2012, you will be held to the policy below: 

  • The student must have 24 units in Sociology that are not being double counted in Criminology and Justice Studies and 24 units in Criminology and Justice Studies that are not being double counted in Sociology. This results in a total of 48 units that are non- shared between the majors.

Note: If you plan to graduate prior to summer 2012, please continue to follow the double majoring path you have been advised on previously by viewing your Degree Progress Report. Extending your intended graduation term past summer 2012 will result in additional coursework required to obtain a secondary major.

If you would like clarification or need to discuss your academic plan, please refer to your Degree Progress Report or schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor: Academic Advising