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Undergraduate Student Resources

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Preparing for Graduate School

Undergraduate students, particularly those from groups underrepresented in higher education, who are interested in graduate school may apply to a variety of “summer research programs” that offer insights into graduate training and research. Students who get admitted to the summer research programs generally engage in a 6-8 week residential program at a host university in the U.S., and participate in small-group research methods classes, work on research projects with professors one-on-one, prepare for GRE exams and graduate school applications, and make research presentations.

Housing, a small stipend, and other resources are also generally part of these programs during the length of the summer program. Most programs prefer students who have at least a year left of undergraduate study. Applications due dates vary. Students can find information on these opportunities by doing an internet keyword search “undergraduate summer research program,” and sociology, criminology, justice studies, or other related discipline. Talk to your professors of your interest and/or contact Dr. Karen S. Glover at for support.

Below are links to information on a few of these programs: