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Feminist News

Transgender Patients Report Lower Satisfaction with Care Received than Cisgender Patients Receiving Care in an Academic Medical Care System

From LGBT Health: "Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) patients experience challenges in health care settings, including stigma, lack of culturally competent providers, and suboptimal gender-affirming care. However, differences in patient satisfaction between TGD patients compared with cisgender patients have been inadequately studied. This study aimed to assess such differences in patient satisfaction with care received in a large academic medical care system in Boston, Massachusetts."

How Islamophobia Is Driving a Mental Health Crisis Among Michigan’s Muslim Youth

From Capital and Main: “In the Arab American enclave of Dearborn, anxiety, depression and substance abuse strain the ‘9/11 generation.’”

Rate of Aquatic and Maritime Drowning Deaths After US-Mexico Border Wall Height Increase

From the JAMA: "In December 2019, the US finished its initiative to increase the height of the US-Mexico border wall from 5 to 9 m (17-30 ft) along 640 km (400 miles) of southern borderlands, in accordance with executive order 13767. This height change has been associated with an increased rate of severe injuries seen by trauma surgery departments in San Diego, California.2-5  We hypothesized that this increase in injury risk may have encouraged more migrants to pursue aquatic and maritime migration routes via the Pacific Ocean and other nearby bodies of water, swimming, floating, or traveling across the international border in boats or other personal watercraft, resulting in an increased incidence of drowning deaths in the region. In this study, we assessed migratory drowning deaths along the southwest border of the US before and after the increase in border wall height."

Why Is One of the Nation's Largest Hospital Systems Eliminating Their Midwives?

From Rewire News: "The midwives at NewYork Presbyterian-Allen Hospital, which primarily serves Black and brown patients, have been told their jobs will be cut on March 3."     

US attorney general tells Bloody Sunday service ‘the right to vote is under attack'

From The Guardian: "Merrick Garland warns of efforts to disenfranchise Black voters and says court decisions have weakened the 1965 Voting Rights Act."

Immigrant Dairy Workers Often Endure Substandard Housing Conditions. The Law Doesn’t Protect Them.

From ProPublica: "Minnesota’s attorney general exposed conditions at one dairy farm where workers lacked heat and plumbing and dealt with mold in their homes. Housing like this is common on dairy farms, since dairy workers are excluded from many protections."

Climate Version of Bechdel Test Released and Applied to This Year’s Oscars Nominees, with ‘Barbie’ and ‘Nyad’ Among Passing Films

From HollywoodReporter: "Non-profit Good Energy has teamed with Colby College to introduce the Climate Reality Check, which measures the representation of climate change on screen."

As hospitals close labor wards, large stretches of California are without maternity care

From CalMatters: "From 2012 to 2019, at least 19 California hospitals stopped offering labor and delivery services. Six of those hospitals closed completely. In an accelerating trend, sixteen more closed their maternity wards from 2020 to 2022."