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STEAM Ambassadors


A generous grant from the Clarence Heller Foundation allowed us to bring together a team of STEAM AMbassadors under the direction of professor Lucy HG Solomon. The STEAM ambassadors are made up of CSUSM students from an array of backgrounds and bring many talents and experiences to the team. The STEAM ambassadors are passionate about Arts education, Science, Technology, engineering, and Mathematics and work hard to deliver and implementing STEAM curriculum for teachers, students and parents through various modalities. To follow their creative efforts and have live updates about STEAM related opportunities be sure to follow them on the social media platforms below!


CSUSM STEAM Ambassador Projects 

The STEAM Ambassadors webinar; April 

STEAM Art Kit; October 

 This year The STEAM AMbassadors worked to create beautiful inserts to go along with the lesson plans being used in our first ever Art Kit distribution! You now have full access to the lesson plans and inserts that were provided in our art Kit! 

STEAM lesson kits; December 

This semester the STEAM ambassadors embarked in a journey to design, create, and deiver unique STEAM based lessons to students in varying grades and various schools. The ambassadors worked in pairs to come up with their lesson concepts and through weekly meetings instructed by professor Solomon as well as with all ambassadors they were able to further collaborate and refine the lessons that would reach classrooms. Check out their wonderful lessons below!

Sew a Simple Circuit



Sewing a Simple Circuit lesson kit was crafted and put together two of our STEAM ambassadors; Amy and Leah. The simple circuit lesson kit and instructions will allow students to make their very own light up bookmark using  felt, an LED light, a 3v coin battery and holder, and conductive thread. This kit was delivered to three diffrent third grade classes in which students received hands on instruction from our STEAM ambassador Amy as well as a virtual version for students participating in distance learning settings. 


"After planning and assembling of the kits on our own it was so rewarding to be able to deliver them to the students have the opportunity to provide in person instruction to different groups of students." - Amy 

Rainbow Catcher 

Rainbow Catcher

The Rainbow Catcher lesson kit was created by two of our STEAM ambassadors Kodie and Realene, This lesson was delivered  through a Montessori school in which they have Nature School  for a small group of children. In this lesson children learn the difference between color in the form of pigment vs light, how light combines differently from how one might expect, how it can be reflected or absorbed on various surfaces (which is what makes things have color), what the spectrum of visible light is, ultimately leading to the subject of refraction (light separation) and how it causes rainbows (as demonstrated through this lesson using prisms).

"The initial concepts we wanted students to learn include light vs. pigment color, the light spectrum, reflection vs refraction. We knew our lessons would be taught in an outdoor setting so we wanted to take advantage of the environment nature provides for our lesson."  - Kodie

Animal Adaptations 



The Animal Adaptation lesson kit was designed by our two STEAM ambassadors Gia and Tarah.  This lesson was  designed to teach children about features that animals have which help them thrive in their enviornments. Children then had the opportunity to create their own  unique animals with features that would help them thrive in their own enviornment. Students were provided with all materials necessary and were free to use any items they had available at home. 


 It was amazing to see that each student had such a different animal. Each student used their own creativity to create an animal. No two animals were the same and I think that is the most important takeaway. - Tarah 

Video tutorials 

Check out some of the amazing art tutorials created by our Arts Ambassadors!! 



Social Media Summer Quarantine Effort 

The alleviate the pressures of quarantine and give people a creative outlet the STEAM Ambassadors created bi-weekly art challenges featured on their Facebook group  page, CSUSM Arts Ambassador's Quarantine Masterpieces , and @csusm_art_ambassadors Instagram. People of all ages were encouraged to send their art or tag the page using the following hashtag #csusmartambassadors to be featured on their social media. Check out the challenge winners below!

Challenge #1 Getty Museum Challenge 4/19/20-4/25/20


Recreation of Girl With a watering Can by Renoir (1876)
Recreate historical pieces of art right at home! For this challenge, use your creativity and some household items to recreate some iconic artwork from the Getty Museum. Examples will be posted for some inspiration. Don't forget to make your post under the topic "Challenge #1: Getty Museum" to be eligible to win a chance for your work to be shown on our Arts Ambassador's website. We will choose the featured "post of the week" by 8 A.M. on Saturday and announce it on this page, with a link to our website! (If posting through a phone, you can post your pictures first, and then click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of your post to "add post topic".) Good luck! ”

Challenge #2 Words Matter Challenge 4/26/20-5/2/20


The challenge for this week is to find an inspiration quote or word and recreate it into an art piece. You can use any form of art such as; poetry, painting, collages, photography, lettering, etc. Expand your imagination and spread some positive thoughts while we are dealing with this tough time. Our Art Ambassadors will be posting some examples throughout the week. As always on the Facebook page, we encourage anyone and everyone to post. It doesn't matter your skill level. We will be choosing a featured "post of the week" on Saturday at 8 A.M. so feel free to share your masterpieces to enter in a chance to win and be on our website.

Challenge #3 Chalk Art Challenge 5/3/20-5/9/20


This weeks challenge is to get involved and create some chalk art or submit some chalk art you have seen in your neighborhood. As always, we encourage everyone to post regardless of age, talent, skill level, etc! The arts are for everyone and we want everyone to get involved!  We will once again choose a featured “post of the week” by Saturday at 8am, which we will share here as well as on our website and instagram! If you would like to email submissions to us to post on your behalf please do so at

 Challenge #4 Create At Home 5/10/20-5/30/20

create ca

This challenge was inspired by the #createathome movement created by our partners from Create Ca.  This challenge will be taking place over the next two weeks! We encourage you to post any artwork that you would like to share whether it be a dance, poem, photograpgy, song, etc.. anything you or your family are creating at home!  Dont forget you can also have one of our arts ambassadors post for you! 

Challenge #5 Nature Challenge 5/31/20-6/20/20


For the next two weeks our challenge is to create art that features NATURE! It can be a painting, a photo you took, a poem, a dance, more chalk art, or even sculptures out of nature. Whatever your heart desires! As usual, us ambassadors will post examples and ideas throughout the two week challenge.Also as a reminder, we are a safe space to create and express whatever you need, so regardless of the challenge, please know you can post whatever your thoughts and feelings lead you to create during these trying times. We support you all. 

Challenge #6 "Be A Rainbow Challenge"  6/21/20-7/4/20


This week, in light of everything going on in our world, from dealing with COVID-19 to supporting Black Lives Matter, and Pride Month, we thought we would call this challenge the, "Be A Rainbow" Challenge.
Renowned poet and Civil Rights Activist, Maya Angelou, urged people to "be a rainbow in someone else's cloud," regardless of differences in skin color, religion, beliefs etc. Just do your best to be a blessing to someone. For me personally, art has always been like a rainbow in my own clouds and we hope to spread the message that art helps create hope and resiliency to get through difficult times.

With that being said, lets share some artwork inspired by the colors of the rainbow and the idea that we are all beautiful, unique, and valuable to the world. Stay tuned for some examples from our ambassadors and we look forward to seeing all your beautiful and colorful creations!

"Challenge # 7 is "Under the Sea Theme" 7/5/20-7/18/20


For the next two weeks the art challenge is under the sea theme,  you can create art from material found in the sea or beach or use any medium to create under the sea themed art!

Challenge # 8 "Recycled Art" challenge!! 7/19/20-8/2/20


For the next two weeks we invite you to take part in the recycled art challenge!! Do you have toilet paper rolls laying around? Bottle lids? Plastic containers? Cardboard? or any recyclable material? use it to along with house hold items and more to create works of art! The majority of your work needs to be made up of recycled, or found components!