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This text is ideal as a primer on arts integration and a foundational support for teaching, learning, and assessment, especially within the context of multicultural and multilingual classrooms. In-depth discussions of the role of arts integration in meeting the goals of Title I programs, including academic achievement, student engagement, school climate and parental involvement, are woven throughout the text, as is the role of the arts in meeting state and federal student achievement standards.

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This textbook offers a foundation for how literacy and arts integration interconnect to advance innovation, accessibility, and equitable classroom learning contexts for K-8 students. Balancing research-backed theory and classroom practice, this book helps readers understand the multiple perspectives, frameworks, and models necessary in the design of learning environments for diverse learners.


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Resources from Merryl Goldberg

Teaching English Language Learners Through the Arts | Buy It At This text describes successful ways in which English language learners have excelled in an arts-based methods program. Based on the workings of an award winning, and well-researched program called SUAVE (Socios Unidos para Artes Via Educacisn - United Community for Arts in Education), this text delves into all aspects of classroom practice, as well as the professional development practices that support students' learning through the arts-based methods. A perfect supplement for any ESL course, this text focuses on ongoing practice by demonstrating real examples from real classrooms through the voices of teachers, researchers, artists, administrators, and students.  

Integrating the Arts By Merryl Goldberg | Buy It At This innovative book focuses on learning through as well as learning about the arts. It explores numerous ways in which the arts – visual, literary, and performing – can be integrated across the K-8 curriculum. Arts and Learning: An Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning in Multicultural and Multilingual Settings, Third Edition, reflects contemporary theory and practice and promotes ideas and skills that tap children's propensity for creativity and critical thinking. Merryl Goldberg provides numerous strategies and examples of learning through classroom activities such as music, dance, and poetry.