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All of the hard work and efforts that come from our nonprofit are all possible thanks to the amazing grants and donations that we receive. If you would like to support our efforts to continue providing free open-source arts education research, professional development  opportunities, art kits to underserved communities, and so much more!  You can help us by spreading the word about the importance of arts education, following us on Instagram and Facebook, or by donating to our cause! 

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 Our Five Major Initiatives 


Professional development and  Bootcamp 

Every year we provide a three day hands on workshop that provides participants with the skills and tools that teachers need to integrate the arts into curriculum!

More information or to sign up for our upcoming Bootcamp


STEAM Ambassadors

Our STEAM Ambassador initiative strives to bring the A in STEM by incorporating the arts into Science, Technology,Engeneering, and Math! Through their hard work they have crafted and executed STEAM lessons and art kits to various classrooms and students. 

Learn more about our STEAM Ambassadors

Check out their free art kit resources!

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Creative Youth Development 

Through programs such as The Arts Amplifying youth and the Career Pathways we have been able to directly help students develop leadership skills and so much more! 

Videos of our Youth Summits



In conjuncture with the San Marcos Writing project we provide resources for  pre-service and in-service teachers to equip them with the skills and tools needed to improve student-writing achievement!

More information on Literacy Residency


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We are so proud of being able to provide a open source of research that everyone can use to further our collective goal of all children being able to learn in with and through the arts! 

Research supporting arts education 

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