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Why Art?!  Because research shows that arts literate students excel in the workplace, life, and education.  Below are the headline topics on our series of "Why Art?" cards.  You can find the accompanying research in the next navigation tab.  There's tons of it (research!). The cards are available in both English and Spanish as downloads or via request at

Preparing for the Workforce:

Arts literate students:

  • are creative students who can think outside the box, take risks, be flexible, and innovate.
  • know how to cooperate and collaborate.
  • can problem solve.
  • are sought-after as employees and set higher career goals.
  • have proven leadership capacity.

Active engagement in society/life:

Arts literacy:

  • gives students voice to participate in learning and to tell their stories.
  • opens doors to developing empathy, kindness, and cross-cultural understanding.
  • provides students with hope and resiliency.
  • leads to civic engagement and lifelong arts participation.

Better Educated:

Arts literate students:

  • consistently have higher test scores in reading and math. ART=OPPORTUNITY
  • consistently have better attendance in School K-12.
  • are more likely to pursue and succeed at post-secondary education.
  • are engaged and motivated.
  • have deep critical thinking skills.

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